CAAST is an active community of practice that promotes education for sustainable agriculture and food systems at higher education institutions.


CAAST is an active community of practice that promotes education for sustainable agriculture and food systems at higher education institutions.

Towards sustainable agriculture.

Many hands make light work.

Your Community for Applied Agricultural Sustainability Teaching.

We work towards sustainable and equitable food systems.

CAAST fosters quality education for sustainable agriculture and food systems. It connects experts in the educational landscape and creates synergies for the continuous improvement of teaching.

CAAST promotes innovative didactic approaches that enable students to bridge the gap between theory and practice in sustainable agriculture and food systems in their working and living environments. After their education, the young professionals act as change agents who drive the transformation towards sustainable agriculture and equitable food systems. To provide students with a good foundation for this, agricultural sustainability teachers need effective, up-to-date tools and didactical ideas for appropriate teaching.

Read more in our published white paper.

What we do

CAAST facilitates learning processes among lecturers and provides support in three areas.


CAAST is a network of lecturers in the field of sustainable agriculture at higher education institutions who seek to improve their teaching through exchange with like-minded people. CAAST maintains and offers a publicly accessible database of experts in the field of education for sustainable agriculture and food systems. 


CAAST organizes regular 45 to 60-minute events, e.g. “brown-bag lunches”, for the exchange of experiences within the community. During the events, you get to know CAAST experts, learn about their work, and get insights into practice-oriented sustainability teaching. The events mostly follow this structure: (1) Input from a CAAST expert who would like to share an experience. (2) Plenary discussion and exchange. Find out more about our upcoming events.


The CAAST library is a space for inspiration and idea-gathering for lecturers. The library contains all past events and ensures the dissemination of gained knowledge. Each CAAST event has its own entry with the screencast of the CAAST expert input, a concise summary as well as further information and literature provided from the expert. The library will grow organically as CAAST activities and events unfold. All information is publicly available here.

Our motivations

Building a community of practice for teaching​.

First, we believe that the many agricultural research and education institutions spanning six continents can and should make a major contribution in spreading a holistic view on agriculture, thus fostering knowledge-driven food system transformations.

Second, we postulate that education for sustainable food systems has much to gain from more exchange and cooperation between teachers and students of agriculture around the globe. Hence, we are fully aligned with SDG 17, “Partnership for the Goals” as well as the UNESCO global action program “Education for sustainable development” (Resolution 12/37 C).

Third, our own research and teaching experiences along with published literature have convinced us that getting and staying in touch with farmers and their realities is a must for effectively educating change agents for sustainable agriculture.

Share your knowledge and learn from others

You are welcome to join the network at any time. Either join the CAAST community or become a visible CAAST expert.

The CAAST community is a broad group of people who participate in events or visit the web platform but do not register as CAAST experts. They can use the CAAST network, but they cannot actively participate in it (e.g., they cannot become part of the steering committee).Register here to receive updates on CAAST events.

CAAST experts are professionals, mainly lecturers at universities, who support the goals of CAAST. Experts are publicly listed on the CAAST website and thus be visible to the outside world as part of the network. Experts can elect the steering committee and make themselves available for election. Register here.

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Project partners

Bern University of Applied Sciences, School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL

Bern, Switzerland
Dr. Jan Grenz

Linda Schüpfer

Daniel Dünner

Dr. Ingrid Fromm

Centre for Development and Environment, University of Bern

Bern, Switzerland
Dr. Elisabeth Bürgi Bonanomi

Laura Ebneter

University of Hohenheim, Center for Organic Farming

Hohenheim, Germany
Dr. Sabine Zikeli

Carolin Schweizerhof

Funded by

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