Virtual Food Sustainability Academy: How to conduct blended and practical learning

An innovative teaching model that introduces students to both field work and sustainable food system assessment.

The Virtual Food Sustainability Academy (VFSA) is the outcome of a six-year research project on food systems between Kenya and Bolivia. In the first phase of the project, the Food Sustainability Assessment Framework (FoodSAF) was developed as a tool to assess the food systems sustainability together with local stakeholders and to identify weak points in order to improve sustainability. In the second phase of research, the project was extended to Brazil, Colombia, Ghana and Zambia.

As part of the academy, five courses are taught on food security, the right to food, poverty and inequality, environmental performance and socio-ecological resilience. After completing the theoretical training, students are given the opportunity to go into the field and apply the participatory FoodSAF.

The Academy is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and has been introduced at five universities.

Further information regarding the VFSA and the project:

Virtual Food Sustainability Academy: 

FoodSAF Guide: ►

Project description: Rist, S.; Golay, C.; Bürgi Bonanomi, E.; Delgado Burgo, F.M.; Kiteme, B.P.; Haller, T. & C. Ifejika Speranza (2016): Towards Food Sustainability: Reshaping the Coexistence of Different Food Systems in South America and Africa – Project Description. Towards Food Sustainability Working Paper No. 1. Bern, Switzerland: Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), University of Bern. DOI: ►

If you want to learn more about FoodSAF, then take a look at the CAAST-Example provided by Johanna Jacobi and Theresa Tribaldos.

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Virtual Food Sustainability Academy: How to conduct blended and practical learning