Explore our collection of ideas for education in the area of sustainable agriculture and food systems, carefully selected by the CAAST community.


Explore our collection of ideas for education of sustainable agriculture and food systems, carefully selected by the CAAST community.

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Examples of successful education for sustainable agriculture are collected and presented here. The focus is on combining subject content and applied didactics with an emphasis on transdisciplinary approaches. All examples were presented at a CAAST event and kindly shared by our experts.

Annegret Pflugfelder from the University of Hohenheim (Germany) and Hans Ramseier from BFH HAFL (Switzerland) share their experiences in implementing a didactical format that combines (1) hands-on crop production from sowing to harvest with (2) gamification-competition and (3) learning about practical intricacies of productive, sustainable agriculture.
Annegret Pflugfelder
Hans Ramseier
For many years, Logo e.V. has organised internships on German organic farms for students from countries of former Soviet Union. During the internships, the students can not only apply their theoretically acquired knowledge in practice and expand their practical skills, but at the same time learn intercultural skills and a new language. The internship is accompanied by several seminars and close supervision by the association and former interns.
Hartwig Mennen
Higher education has faced important teaching challenges in recent times, as it has delivered a widening range of courses to students of increasingly diverse backgrounds, expectations and levels of preparedness. These challenges call for a shift in teaching than offers more than simply incorporating remedial support within existing teaching programs.
An innovative teaching model that introduces students to both field work and sustainable food system assessment.
A transdisciplinary seminar at ETH Zurich that combines teaching and a research project.
An international, virtual teaching format in collaboration of four partner institutions, presented by ZHAW Switzerland.
Claudia Veith, ZHAW
Anna Geiser, ZHAW
A transdisciplinary course of the Institute of Geography of the University of Bern.
Stephan Rist, CDE University of Bern
Karl Herweg, CDE University of Bern
RISE - an assessment method for sustainability on a farm level and it's valuable use in teaching.
Was heißt mehr Praxisbezug für Lehr-Lern-Prozesse? Welche Formen des Praxisbezugs gibt es in der Hochschul-Lehre? Wann ist es sinnvoll, praxisorientiert zu arbeiten?
Feldbegehungen, Betriebsbesuche, Bestimmung von Pflanzen - wie soll das im virtuellen Raum funktionieren? Diese Frage wird hier diskutiert.

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